Daily Energy News

Current—same-day coverage, delivered to 4,400 utility executive emails every business day. With only one position in each issue, this exclusive opportunity places your message in their inbox daily for one week at a time.

With a 17% daily open rate, your message will reach nearly 800 people per day.

Comprehensive—major energy stories selected from hundreds of news sources, including national and local newspapers, magazines, wire services, and energy trade publications.

Concise—brief abstracts distill the key points of a news story and consolidate coverage from multiple sources.

Convenient—available by e-mail or online, in HTML or plain-text format. Can be easily integrated with your company’s Intranet. Headlines organized into issue categories allow you to skim for the news that interests you most.


Advertisers may choose a sponsored content placement or a banner ad placement in the Daily Energy News each week.

Sponsored Content Placement Available Categories:

  • Energy Policy

  • U.S. Electricity Business

  • Energy Infrastructure & Supply

  • Efficiency and the Environment

  • International Affairs

  • Cybersecurity

Select from the above categories and create a relevant headline to be used as the jump link in the category. Draft 50-100 words of copy. Your content will appear in all (5) issues for the reserved week. You may submit up to (2) content pieces for each reserved week. Sponsored content may link to expanded coverage on your site.  

Banner Advertising Option:
728 x 90 banner may be placed in lieu of content and will be placed between the “Top Story” and “Today’s Headlines” sections at the top of the e-newsletter each day.

Weekly Investment
1x rate $1,500 per week
4x rate $1,200 per week
12x rate $950 per week
Note: For advertisers selecting a multiple week package, you may alternate your placements between content and banner advertising on a per week basis.

For purchasing information, contact: 
Jake Seils
Phone: 410-316-9850
Email: jake.seils@mci-group.com

For questions on submitting artwork, contact:
Becca Libercci
307 International Circle, Suite 190, Hunt Valley, MD 21030
Phone: 410-584-1953
Email: rebecca.libercci@mci-group.com